7P Notes: Huion Inspiroy RTP-700

Overall good experience with this tablet. Some pressure instability to be aware of.


I wish the bezel was a little wider to provide more space for my wrist to rest on the tablet. The edge feels a little abrupt to me.

Axillary inputs

Has capacitive buttons and a capacitive slider. I found these frustrating to use because I have to take my eyes off the screen and look down at the buttons or slider. That really disrupts my flow. Real physical buttons would have been better. In the end I disabled the buttons and the slider. They were getting triggered by my wrist too often.


Clean and functional. nothing fancy. Very utilitarian.

Pressure instability

At low pressures there is some instability that causes pulsing of pressure. Mostly evident with strokes with really large brushes 200px, 400pn, etc. Can be mitigated to some degree with pressure smoothing in an app.

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