Using a drawing tablet with an iPad or iPhone


With the popularity of iPads and iPhones, it's natural that people ask if they can use a drawing table with their Apple Device.

The summary is:

  • You can use a pen tablet (screenless tablet) with an iPad or iPhone only under very specific conditions (specific tablets, and specific apps).

  • There is currently no way to use a pen display (screen tablet) with an iPad or iPhone.

Pen tablets with iOS devices

In some very specific cases it is possible to use a pen tablet (a screenless tablet) with an iOS device.

Applications - currently the only app that I know of that supports using a pen tablet on an iOS device is IbisPaint. The Ibis Paint app on iPad ( supports several specific pen tablets (Huion and XP-Pen) when they are connected via Bluetooth.

Connectivity requirements - At least with IbisPaint, the only a wireless Bluetooth connection with the tablet is supported. Using a USB-C cable does not work. This automatically excludes any tablets that do not support wireless.

It is possible in some limited cases.

The only app I know of that supports it is Ibis Paint. I can confirm I made it work with

Wacom specifically calls out that their Intuos models do not work with iPhones or iPads in this document: Wacom - Does the Wacom Intuos pen tablet work with an iPhone or iPad?

Information about IbisPaint and pen tablets on iOS devices

Read more about Ibis Paint and pen tablet at these links:

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