Clamping wide-gamut displays to sRGB

These days many monitors and pen displays support very wide colors gamuts.

While these can look amazing, many people often find that they are too intensely saturated. This is often observed with reds, purples, and greens.

Often changing saturation levels or brightness might not do anything to reduce the intensity of these colors.

There are some techniques you can use to reduce the intensity of these colors

Option 1 Use the display's sRGB emulation mode

Many monitors an pen displays have an "sRGB emulation mode" that will rude the intensity of these colors.

This is the first option you should try.

A possible negative is that often these displays not only restrict the color gamut, but also keep reduce the brightness. If reduced brightness is not working for you you can try other options

Option 2: use the GPU to clamp the gamut to sRGB


  • Launch AMD Radeon Software

  • Click Settings

  • Click Display

  • Enable Custom Color

  • Disable Temperature Control (CTC)

NVidia GPUs


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