Using metal nibs


If you are wearing out your plastic pen nibs too quickly, you might be considering a metal nib. Metal nibs in theory never wear out.

Metal nib video series

Are metal nibs safe for your pen tablet?

Metal nibs can damage pens

I DO NOT recommend using a metal nib

  • ferrite core damage - Some people report that the metal nibs can cause the pen's ferrite core to easily break. When the ferrite core breaks it cannot be replaced. You have to buy a new pen. I did not experience damage to the ferrite core even after I dropped my KP-504E pen repeatedly with the metal nib hitting the floor directly. However, I don't doubt that others have experienced real damage.

  • pressure sensor damage - I personally experienced that a metal nib cause a permanent increase in the initial activation force of my Wacom Pro Pen 2. This means the pen become less sensitive and going back plastic nib does not restore a low initial activation force. See this video for more details (

Metal nibs and pen displays

I DO NOT recommend using a metal nib directly against the glass of a pen display

I haven't tried it with a pen display and I right now would not recommend someone doing doing that. I do believe there's a chance it can damage the screen. I've even seen people with plastic nibs damage the screen of their pen display.

If someone is going to do use a metal nib with a pen display, I would recommend using a protective sheet. See this doc protective sheets.

Metal nib options

You may find different options for nibs, here several I know of.

For Wacom Pro Pen 2

For Wacom CTL-672,CTL-671,CTL-471, CTL-472

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