About TheSevenPens

I love creative tech. I've been using drawing tablets for a long time and wanted share what I learn.

Why "TheSevenPens"?

When I started my YouTube channel I had seven pens from my drawing tablets.

Now I have more than seven pens.

Tablets I own

You can see a complete list of the tablets I currently own.

My tablet setups

I have multiple desks with a combination of PCs and laptops for trying out different tablets. More here: My tablet setups

Key resources

Relationship to tablet manufacturers

  • I don't have any relationship with tablet manufacturers such as Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, etc. I'm just an enthusiast.

  • I do not receive tablets from manufacturers. Every tablet I have is a personal purchase.

  • I do attend public demo events either online or in person if I can.

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