7P notes: XP-Pen X3 Pro pen


The XP-Pen X3 Pro Pen. was introduced in 2023. It is incredibly similar in shape to the Wacom Pro Pen 2. Overall, this pen feels nice to use

Pen pressure

Pen IAF: GOOD. IAF= 3gf (as stated by XP-Pen)

Pen Max pressure: GOOD. 380gf in my testing. I tested two pens. So probably, XP-Pen is designed this pen for 400gf max pressure. And my 380gf is just some natural variance.

Pressure transition instability - VERY GOOD. Saw no "pulsing" at low pressure.

Pen pressure levels - 16K. Ignore this. it is hype. All you need is 2K pressure levels. More important than this is the wide pressure range (from IAF to Max pressure).

Obligatory 16K pressure level screenshot. This is what it shows in the driver.

There is no noticeable impact on my drawing.

More here: pen pressure

Pen features

Pen eraser - HAS AN ERASER. I don't use erasers so I have no further comment about it.

Pen misc topics

Disabled buttons impact on drawing

Good: If you disable the two pen buttons in the driver, and then press the buttons while drawing it doesn't seem to interrupt drawing. I tested this with Clip Studio Paint and Krita on Windows 11.

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