Overall drawing tablets are very quiet devices. Many are silent. This document will explain the sources of potential noise

Noise from tablet

Pen tablets - drawing tablets without a screen - are completely silent. Nothing in them makes noise.

Pen displays - drawing tablets with a screen - are silent or not depending on the model. For example, many of them have no fans - so they are also silent. Occasionally some of them do have fans - and those will produce an audible fan noise. The amount depends on the specific model.

Noise from pen

When you drag the pen on the surface of a drawing tablet, there is a little bit of friction. Depending on the pen nib material and the surface material and texture you might hear the pen move on the surface.

For pen tablets - It sounds often like a pencil scratching on paper.

For pen displays - these don't produce much/any sound when the pen moves on them.

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