7P notes: Huion Inspiroy HS611


This is a slightly older Huion model from 2019 but is still a decent drawing tablet.

If you get it, then it will work fine. But you should consider the newer Huion pen tablets at the same price point as the HS611.


The tablet uses he the slightly older PW507 pen. The pen is a little "plastic-feeling" and cheap and the nib retracts a little more than I like.


The HS611 lacks the refined look and feel of the newer Huion tablets.

Surface texture

The drawing surface is very slightly textured. The texture feels smoother than the Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH-x60 series). But it is not as smooth as the surface of an iPad.


It has 10 programmable buttons on the left - more than most other tablets.

In addition, at the top there are some additional media control keys which are convenient.

Diagonal wobble

It does exhibit some wobble at slow speeds but in normal drawing I didn't notice it much.

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