Wacom One vs One by Wacom

If you are new to Wacom, you should understand this issue because it is a constant source of confusion for people looking to buy a Wacom tablet, get help with a Wacom tablet, or buy a replacement pen for their Wacom tablet.

The problem: Wacom makes two very different devices with confusingly similar names:

"One by Wacom" refers to any of 2 pen tablets

  • One by Wacom Small (CTL-472)

  • One by Wacom medium (CTL-672)

"Wacom One" can refer to any of 5 drawing tablets in two generations

  • Wacom One GEN1 (DTC-133) - a pen display

  • Wacom One 12 GEN2 (DTC-121) - a pen display

  • Wacom One 13 touch GEN2 (DTH-134) - a pen display

  • Wacom One S GEN2 (CTC-4110WL) - a pen tablet

  • Wacom One M GEN2 (CTC-6110WL) - a pen tablet

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