ePlastic polycarbonate sheets (velvet lexan)


Tablet enthusiast, Kuuube, uses velvet lexan sheets.


ePlastics 0.010" X 24" X 48" VELVET/MATTE (https://www.eplastics.com/AF0102448-8B35-VEL-MATTE)

Size and cutting

These sheets from ePlastics are very large: 24"x48". When you order them you can specify how to cut them to fit your tablet exactly. You will also have to pay for the cuts. The burden on getting the correct dimensions is on you. You will receive the exact dimensions you wanted and you will receive any excess leftover parts of the sheet.


One side has a texture and the other is smoother but not slippery. So depending on yuor preference, you can place that side up.

Attaching to the tablet

These sheets do NOT come with an adhesive.

They can be secured done to the tablet with:

Can be used for pen displays? NO. They are not transparent enough.

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