OpenTabletDriver usage notes

Getting help with OTD

Use the OTD discord to get help

Do not ask your tablet manufacturer for help with OTD

Your tablet manufacturer WILL NOT help or support you in any way when you are using OpenTabletDriver instead of their own drivers.

Limitations of OpenTabletDriver

  • OTD does NOT support touch input.

  • OTD does NOT support tablet rotary dials.

  • OTD does NOT support pen barrel rotation.

  • OTD does NOT support wireless or bluetooth connections.

  • OTD does NOT support per-application configuration. All OTD settings are system-wide.

Running OTD as admin

  • DO NOT run OTD as administrator.

  • OTD will not work correctly if you do.

Windows Ink & WinTab

  • There are two Pen APIs in the Windows ecosystem: WinTab which is older, and Windows Ink which is newer.

  • OTD only supports Windows Ink so any apps you want to use it with must also support Windows Ink.

  • Most creative apps support Windows Ink - Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Photoshop.

  • If you want pressure sensitivity, tilt, etc. - you must you MUST configure OTD to use Windows Ink and configure your apps to also use Windows Ink.

Pen hover height

By default, OTD has no restriction on the hover height of your pen. Most drivers impose an artificial limit of about 10mm for a pen. But you'll often find with OTD that the hover height is increased substantially.

The maximum hover height is dependent on the specific model of tablet involved. For example with a Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH-860) my hover height goes from 10mm with the Wacom Driver to 20mm with Open Tablet driver.

You can install a plug-in to control the hover height and have whatever limit you want.

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