7P notes: Wacom One GEN2 drawing tablets

I do not recommend the Wacom One GEN2 tablets

The new Wacom One GEN2 tablets and Wacom One GEN2 Pens currently struggle with pressure issues. See this video for details:https://youtu.be/415ngQOHiME

Which models I own

  • Wacom One 13 touch GEN2 (DTH-134)

  • Wacom One 12 (DTC-121)

  • Wacom One M GEN2 (CTC-6110WL)

Understanding product evolution

This diagram is my summary how their consumer line of tablets is evolving


  • "Wacom One" now includes both pen displays and pen tablets

  • The successors to the Wacom Intuos pen tablets (CTL-4100*, CTL-6100*) are: the Wacom One (Gen2) pen tablets (CTC-4110WL, CTC-6110WL).

Disambiguating models

To disambiguate the discussion the tablets:

  • I will refer to this new series launched in 2023 as "Wacom One (GEN2)" even though Wacom is just calling it "Wacom One"

  • I will refer the the old series as "Wacom One (GEN1)" because this is what Wacom is calling it. Though sometimes it is referred to as "Wacom One 2019 (GEN1)"

Wireless support for pen tablets

The Wacom One (GEN2) pen tablets all support wireless as indicated by their model numbers that include the "WL" code.

Pressure problems

The Wacom One GEN2 tablets and Wacom One GEN2 Pens currently struggle with pressure issues.

See this video for details:https://youtu.be/415ngQOHiME

Here's a reddit thread with another manifestation of the problem with the CTC-6110WL. https://www.reddit.com/r/wacom/comments/1bniejn/my_new_ctc6110wl_does_not_work_properly_with

Notes on the new Wacom One Pen (GEN2)

See this: 7p notes: Wacom One Pen (GEN2)

Pressure levels

  • One by Wacom (CTL-472, CTL-672) -> 2048

  • Intuos (CTL-4100*, CTL-6100*) -> 4096

  • Wacom One (Gen 1) -> 4096

  • Wacom One (Gen 2) -> 4096

So no improvements to pen pressure levels. As a reminder, all you really need are 2048 pressure levels and it is the pressure range that is more important.

Pen display connectivity

The Wacom (Gen 1) can only be connected with a 3-in-1 cable.

The Wacom One (Gen 2) pen displays can be connected three ways

  • With a 3-in-1 cable

  • With a single USB-C cable

  • With two USB-C cables. One for display. One for power. Not all computers supply enough power over a USB-C connection to power a display. So this makes sense to provide the option. Most other pen displays work this way.

Pen display > parallax

Wacom estore says there is "no parallax"

This is a physical impossibility in a pen display that has a piece of glass over the display panel. I demonstrated this clearly in my video on pen display accuracy: https://youtu.be/M4rEk_RNBrM

That being said the Wacom One (Gen 1) did not have much parallax. You can see photos of it here: parallax

So, I expect the low parallax story will continue for the Wacom One (Gen 2).

Tablet Buttons

The Wacom One (Gen 2) pen tablets no longer have buttons on the tablets. Even though their predecessors - CTL-4100 and CTL6100 - did have buttons. This is a disappointment.

Pen display > OSD

Picture above from this video: (https://youtu.be/-vwMZf1nbVU)

Pen displays > display panel

  • Native resolution: HD (2K): 1920x1080

  • Refresh rate: 60Hz

  • The new display panels have a wider color gamut. They are clearly better than the old Wacom One Gen 1 tablet.

Pen tablets > USB port

  • The predecessor Intuos pen tablets used a micro USB slot

  • The Wacom One (Gen 2) pen tablets now use a more common USB-C port


The new Wacom One (Gen 2) pen displays do not have any legs. They lay flat on the desk.

The old Wacom One (Gen 1) pen display has legs on the back. You can lay the display flat on the desk or you can pull out the legs and draw at and angle.

Wacom is offering a very unique design for their stand.

VESA mounting

Neither the Wacom One GEN1 or the Wacom One GEN2 pen displays are VESA mountable.

Diagonal wobble

Wacom One 12 GEN2 (DTC-121)

Wacom One 13 touch GEN (DTH-134)

Wacom One M GEN2 (CTC-6110WL)

Compatible pens

Besides the Wacom One GEN1 pen (CP-913), the Wacom One GEN1 (DTC-133) tablet is compatible with other pens not made by Wacom.

Wacom 3-in-1 cable for Wacom One GEN2 pen displays

The Wacom One 12 (DTC-121) and Wacom One 13 touch (DTH-134) work with a 3-in-1 cable. I SUPPOSE this is a proprietary cable.

model number: ACK4490602Z

You can buy it from the Wacom store: https://estore.wacom.com/en-us/wacom-one-3-in-1-cable-ack4490602z.html

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