Pen buttons

Number of buttons

  • The vast majority of drawing tablet pens have two buttons.

  • Though some consumer Wacom models have only a single button.

  • A few pens have three buttons - for example a Wacom Pro Pen 3

Default two buttons configuration

These are the default settings for Wacom pens with two buttons.

  • lower button (the one closer to the nib) set to perform a mouse right-click

  • upper button (the one further away from the nib) set to perform a mouse left double-click

Other configurations for pen buttons

Other things people configure their buttons to do:

  • a CTRL-Z keypress to perform UNDO

  • SPACE key - in many apps, SPACE + dragging pen will pan the drawing canvas

  • CTRL+SPACE - in many apps, this will zoom into and out of the canvas (Krita, Photoshop, Illustrator)

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