Frequently asked questions


Q: Which brands of drawing tablet should I get?

An overview of the brands and my take on some of them are here: drawing tablet brands

Q: Which an iPad better than a drawing tablet?

Read : using an iPad as a drawing tablet

Q: Can I use a drawing tablet with my iPad or iPhone?

It is possible in some cases. More here: Using a drawing tablet with an iOS device

Q: Can I use a drawing tablet with a Chromebook?

YES, It is possible, but be prepared for potential limitations. Read more here: Using a a drawing tablet with a Chromebook

Q: What size drawing tablet should I get?

It really depends on a lot of factors. See the full write up here: tablet size

Q: Should I update the tablet firmware?

Answer: Yes, but ONLY if the manufacturer recommends it. More here: firmware.

Q: Should I get a pen tablet or pen display?

See this: Pen tablets vs pen displays

Pen Displays

Q: Why does my pen display have a sparkly grain/noise/greasy look?

To avoid the light sources from interfering with using your drawing tablet, Manufacturers apply an anti-glare treatment to drawing tablets. This anti-glare treatment disperses like from the tablet in such a way that you see it as a colorful sparkle. Read more here: anti-glare sparkle.

Q: Can I use a pen display as a normal monitor?

Answer: YES. But there are some things you should consider if you want to use it this way: Using a pen display as a monitor

Q: Why does my pen display show an after image?

This is temporary phenomena called Image Persistence ( This is not a permanent change and is not screen burn in (

Q: Can I use a pen display without plugging in the HDMI cable?

Answer: YES. More here: Using a pen display as a pen tablet

Q: How do I make my pen display mirror what is on my monitor?

See this: Mirroring or extending your desktop to a pen display

Q: How do I enable mouse mode on a pen display?

The drivers that manufacturers release for their drawing tablets support Mouse Mode often only on their pen tablets but not on pen displays.

Q: Can I fix a dead pixel on my pen display?

It MAY be possible to fix. More here: Dead pixels.


Q: Is it normal for pen to lag?

Answer: YES. All drawing tablets experience some kind of lag. Pen tablets experience less lag than pen displays. However, extreme lag is not normal. You should be able to comfortably draw even if there is some lag. Read my notes on pen lag

Q: Can I extend the length of my cables?

Yes. More here: Extending cables

Q: What subreddits exist for drawing tablets?

There are quite a few. See this list: Subreddits for drawing tablets.

Q: Can I replace the surface of my pen tablet?

See: Protective sheets

Q: What should I do if I spilled water on my tablet or pen?

See this guide: Dealing with water damage


Q: Can I use a metal nib with my pen?

Answer: YES, but BE CAREFUL and DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are potential risks to your pen and tablet. More here: Using Metal Nibs

Q: How do I connect my pen to my drawing tablet?

More here: Connecting a pen to a drawing tablet


Q: What do I do if a driver no longer supports my tablet?

See: Troubleshoot driver no longer supports a drawing tablet

Q: Can I have two tablet drivers from different manufacturers installed at the same time?

It depends. More here: Installing multiple tablet drivers on the same computer

Q: How to I completely uninstall a tablet driver on Windows?

See: Uninstalling manufacturer tablet drivers

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