Etched glass


Etched glass is one of two popular treatments the glass surface of a pen display. (The other is called an anti-glare film).

"Etched glass" describes a microscopic texture applied to a glass surface.

Etched glass provides two benefits

  • It reduces glare and reflections due to light hitting the tablet. Etched glass does this my scattering that light.

  • Provides more "grip" for the pen. Without the etching a pen would feel "slippery" on the smooth glass surface.


Like other anti-glare treatments, etched glass can produce an effect called anti-glare sparkle which is a "rainbow noise" effect. Depending on the tablet there will be a little or lot of this sparkle. Learn more here: Anti-glare sparkle.


Etched glass is a permanent treatment to the glass. It cannot be removed.

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