Enable tilt for brushes


Almost all drawing tablet send pen tilt data to the computer. Wacom consumer tablets are the notable exception.

Assuming your tablet is sending tilt, data you may want to have to tilt control what you draw. This document explains how to configure your application so that it can take advantage of tilt


First, make sure your tablet drivers are installed typically these will be necessary to take advantage of tilt.

Tilt in Clip studio paint

Here is an example of how to configure tilt in Clip Studio Paint

  • A simple example is the Calligraphy brush in CSP

  • Open up the brush settings then go to brush size

  • Click on the arrow pointing up at the end of brush size

  • A dialog called Brush Size Dynamics will open

  • There are four checkboxes controlling what will control the brush size

  • Disable everything and enable tilt

  • NOTE: it's not required to disable everything , but it just makes it easy to see how tilt is affecting size if only it is enabled.

  • Then once the brush is configured you should see tilt affecting the size of the brush

  • After that you can look at other brush settings and get tilt to affect other properties of the brush.

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