Before-purchase checklist

Read the manual

Read it to clearly understand these things:

  • How to install the driver

  • Verify how it will connect to your computer this is especially important if you are using a pen display.

  • If the tablet supports wireless, how to initiate a wireless connection

Be prepared to handle common problems

  • Ensure you know how to contact customer support.

  • Ensure you know the warranty and how (if needed) you can can return the tablet to the manufacturer or to the retailer (example: Amazon) you bought it from

  • Here's a list of Common problems with drawing tablets. Although for a majority of you everything will "just work" some small number of you will start off with issues on day one.

  • I have a list of troubleshooting docs here: Troubleshooting

  • The most complex problem for pen displays is usually the "NO SIGNAL" problem. If it happens, this guide will help: Troubleshoot the NO SIGNAL problem

Check the reviews

Never purchase a tablet without looking at the reviews first.

Some reviewers to explore:

Verify the model number, not just the model name

Tablet names are confusingly similar. So much so, that I've seen people order the wrong tablet just because the names were close.

Here is an example. Wacom has two tablets with similar names but that are very different: Wacom One (a pen display) and One by Wacom (a pen tablet). More about the differences here: Wacom One vs One by Wacom

  • NEVER order by using the name of the tablet alone.

  • ALWAYS verify you have ordered correct model number.

Make sure your working environment is usable

  • Check for potential sources of Electromagnetic Interference. More here: Electromagnetic interference

  • Ensure you have enough space on your desk for the tablet and where your keyboard will be placed

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