Using a drawing tablet on Windows


Drawing tablets have excellent compatibility with any Windows computer.


Manufacturer tablet drivers versus Windows PNP tablet driver

Even though windows has a built-in PNP driver for drawing tablets, they are very primitive and you should always install the manufacturer-provided tablet drivers. For more about Windows built-in PNP drivers: Windows PNP support for drawing tablets

Only install one tablet driver

I don't recommend installing two different tablet drivers. In my experience they can interfere with each other. For example do not install a Huion driver AND a Wacom driver.

Windows: 32-bit vs 64-bit

If you have a 32-bit Windows computer, you should verify whether the tablet driver works on those systems by contacting their support. Some tablet manufacturers have dropped support in their drivers for those 32-bit Windows systems. This means that you might be forced to use older drivers.


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