Huion PW600 and PW600S

Pen buttons - GOOD. the PW600 has 3 buttons. The PW600S has two buttons.

Pen button feel - GOOD. the buttons on both pens have a nicer "crisper" clicking action than the buttons of the PW517 which feel a bit soft/mushy in comparison

Pen IAF - GOOD. Huion says 2gf for both pens. Seems accurate. A little more sensitive than the PW517 pen which is at about 3gf.

Pen maximum pressure - VERY GOOD. I measured both pens at 510gf (slightly *more* than the 500gf that Huion specified). This amount of variance is normal.

PW600/PW600S compatibility with older tablets - The new pens are NOT compatible with older Huion tablets.

Pen weight - I measured with a digital scale

  • PW600 = 16g

  • PW600S = 14g

  • PW517 = 14g

Pen eraser - the PW600 and PW600S pens do have an eraser. I don't user erasers so don't have any particular comment on it.

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