Surface protectors


There are many options to protect the surface of your tablet from scratches, etc. There are options for both pen tablets (screenless tablets) and pen displays (screen tablets).

Considerations for all tablets

  • They don't interfere with the pen - These protective sheets do NOT interfere with how your pen works. The EMR signal from the pen, passes right through non-metallic materials such as plastic or glass.

  • They don't interfere with touch. Also, the protection options do not interfere with touch features of your tablets.

Considerations for pen displays

  • Transparency - Protective sheets for pen displays must, of course, be transparent. Make sure you verify any protector you buy is intended for use with a pen display.

  • Anti-glare - you have to consider if the have an anti-glare treatment and how much anti-glare sparkle they cause. Some people are very sensitive to the amount of sparkle. So factor that into your choice. More here: anti-glare sparkle.

Protection from the tablet manufacturer

Third-party surface protection

  • Photodon screen protectors - Photodon sells pre-cut and custom-sized protectors for all kinds of devices including many drawing tablets. They have anti-glare films at different strengths so you can pick what works best for you. More here: Photodon screen protectors

  • Foxbox - These are very rugged and opaque sheets good for pen tablets. And you can customize them with your own images. They have a HEAVY texture and will tend to wear through your nibs. More here: Foxbox covers

  • BlueBunny - I don't have any direct experience with their covers. They might be an option for some of you.

  • atFoliX - These are listed on amazon and eBay for a variety of sizes and products. I've never tried them. These protectors are clear and be used for pen displays.

  • HealingShield - Another brand that can be used for pen displays. Here's one review - Review of the HealingShield Screen Protector for Wacom One DTC133 3/19/2023

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