Testing with Windows PNP drawing tablet drivers


Windows has built-in tablet drivers through its Plug-and-play framework. More here: Windows PNP support for drawing tablets

Using Windows PNP tablet drivers to investiagate problems

The Windows PNP tablet driver is extremely basic. However, you can use it to diagnose problems with a drawing tablet.

  • if a problem occurs with both the manufacturer tablet driver and the Windows PNP tablet driver, then the problem is likely not related to drivers.

  • if a problem only occurs with the manufacturer driver, then it you know the problem is driver related.


  • First uninstall your manufacturer's tablet driver

  • Restart your computer.

  • The try to reproduce the problem.


  • You do NOT need to disconnect your tablet.

  • Some tablets do not work with Windows PNP drivers. This is usually a deliberate choice of the tablet manufacturer. So if the tablet isn't working with the PNP drivers, don't worry.

The pointer

When Windows PNP drivers are being used and you are moving your pen, you'll see the pointer look like this

If you see it look like the normal mouse pointer when you use the pen, that usually means the manufacturer driver is being used.

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