7P notes: Wacom


The undisputed leading brand is Wacom (https://www.wacom.com). They have a variety of products and different price points that should fit everyone's needs. If you don't want to weigh the pros and cons of different brands and want an easy answer then choose Wacom.

My experience: I currently own 39 Wacom tablets (6 pen displays and 33 pen tablets). I have extensively used every tablet in their professional series.

Some basic summaries of their leading series of tablets

  • Intuos Pro - professional pen tablets. continue to be the best pen tablets ever made

  • Cintiq Pro - professional pen displays - continue to be the best pen displays ever made

  • One by Wacom - consumer pen tablets - are terrific beginner tablets

  • Wacom One - consumer pen tablets an pen displays - mixed bag of results here.

What Wacom does well

  • Best EMR tech. This may not be obvious just by comparing specs, but their EMR tablet technology is ahead.

  • Long-term reliability. Their older tablets (20+ years old) still work today if you use the appropriate driver.

  • They have products for beginners, intermediate users, and professionals - but even their beginner products are very high quality.

  • They have good support.

  • They monitor and respond to questions on https://www.reddit.com/r/wacom

Feature availability

One thing you'll notice about Wacom is that they tend to keep certain features in their professional line of products. In fact over time they have tended to remove features from their consumer tablets and move them only to the pro line. Other manufacturers tend to have those features consumer and professional lines.

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