Troubleshoot pixel noise on display

Photo Examples

Video examples

this video gives an example ( with red pixels


  • This manifests as certain pixels lighting up and flickering

  • Even if the input signal isn't changing you may see the pixels rapidly flicker

  • Usually it will be a single color. It very often happens with the GREEN component of a pixel. But can happen with RED (LESS COMMON) or BLUE (UNCOMMON).

  • You may notice that the pixels light up in vertical or horizontal stripes

  • This problem is not related to "STUCK PIXELS". In this case which pixels light up is dynamic and depends on what is shown on the display.

Sources of the problem

  • The ultimate source of the problem can be:

    • The display panel

    • The cabling (cables & ports)

    • The GPU that is sending the display signal


  • This problem seems to be associated with the connection to the display and is often a cabling issue:

    • Sometimes the cable is bad

    • Sometimes the cable is sagging or stretched too tightly and can cause this problem as it puts pressure on the ports

    • Sometimes it is due to the ports the cable is using

    • It can occur with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C cables/ports


  • Using different cables

  • Use a different port

  • Use a different kind of port (for example, switch from HDMI to Displayport)

  • Test with another computer

  • Checking the refresh rate

  • Test with a lower resolution

  • If you are unable to resolve, you should contact your manufacturer's support

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