Calibrate pen position on a pen display


For a display tablet your are pointing at one location on the pen, but the pointer is showing somewhere else. It could be do to the pen being incorrectly calibrated to the display.

What about pen tablets?

Most pen displays offer a pen calibration to solve this problem.

Some, like the Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 offer this claibration because they are well-calibrated when you get them.

What about pen tablets?

Pen calibration is a feature found in pen displays. Pen tablets don't need the feature.

XP-Pen pen displays

  • Open the XP-Pen Pentablet app

  • Under Work area > Screen, press Calibrate

  • Follow the calibration steps

Huion pen displays

  • Open the HuionTablet app

  • Under Pen Display > Working Area, press Monitor Calibration

  • Follow the calibration steps

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