Troubleshoot pointer stuck in corner of screen


Normally the pointer should follow the movement of the pen. However sometimes it gets stuck in the corner of the screen. Usually I have seen this in the upper-left-hand corner but it could happen elsewhere.

It's unclear what causes this problem.

Basic things to try

Sometimes this clears up the problem.

  • Restarting the computer

  • Testing with another computer.

  • Reinstalling the driver

  • Installing the latest version of the driver.

Other things to try

  • Temporarily change the active area to only a portion of its default size. Then change to back to use the a larger area on the tablet.

    • 7P: This worked for me once

  • Change the resolution of your screen to a smaller resolution then back to the original resolution.

  • If you are using more than one monitor, switch between extend and duplicate modes for the desktop.

  • If you are using Microsoft Windows, then test with Windows PNP tablet drivers to see if the problem happens in that case.

  • If you have a pen display, it likely has a calibration feature. Start the and complete the calibration process to see if that addresses the issue.

If nothing works

Then do not hesitate to contact support.

Manufacturer guidance

Check this post from Huion:

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