OpenTabletDriver (OTD) is a third-party tablet driver. "Third-party" means it is made by someone else than the tablet manufacturer.

At the OTD site: you can find:

  • A list of compatibles drawing tablets

  • Documentation

  • A link to the GitHub repo

Why use OpenTabletDriver?

Normally, you should use your manufacturer-provided driver for your tablet. However, there are some situations where OpenTabletDriver is extremely useful or required.

  • Your manufacturer dropped support for your tablet model with their latest drivers. This may leave you stuck with a tablet you can't use.

  • Your manufacturer's drivers may be malfunctioning in some way that is beyond your control to fix.

  • You are trying to troubleshoot a problem and want to see if the problem is in the driver vs some other component.

Using OpenTabletDriver on Windows

To learn how to install and configur OTD on windowes, go here: Using OpenTabletDriver on Windows

Key points

  • OTD is open source. You can see the code on their GitHub repo:

  • OTD supports 200+ tablets across many brands and many release years

  • OTD is actively maintained

  • OTD supports plug-ins that can modify its behavior

  • OTD runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

  • People use OTD as their normal tablet driver for playing osu! and even when they are doing creative tasks.

  • OTD has a very active discord server:

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