Buying used drawing tablets


We would all like to have completely brand new equipment. However used tablets maybe a way to save a little extra money.`

My experience with used drawing tablets

I have bought and worked with MANY used drawing tablets - 26 used tablets as of April 2024. You can see the list of all my tablets here: my tablets

  • pen tablets - Pen tablets are generally very reliable devices and are fine to buy used I own many used pen tablets, some over 25+ years old that still work.

  • pen displays - I have purchased one used pen display.

  • pen computers - I have no experience with used pen computers. And in general I do not recommend pen computers. See: The case against pen computers

Tablet age

Because the used tablets might be older models, you should prepare for issues that might arise due to their age. More here: Using older drawing tablets

Older drivers

In particular you may need to use older drivers. This comes with its own set of complications. More here: Using older tablet drivers

Which brands for buying used

Wacom products have always been the most reliable and higher quality devices. So even going back years, their models work well. Because Wacom professional pen tablets are the very highest quality, those make great choices for buying used. More here: drawing tablet brands

Used Wacom Intuos professional tablets

There are some factors you MUST take into account when buying them used. I've summarized those issues in this video below. In the description of the video, please make sure to note the errata.

Even though this video is about used pen tablets, I think it may be useful even if you are looking to purchase a used pen display.

Likewise even though this video is about professional tablets, the topics raised also apply to consumer level tablets.

Notes on Wacom drivers

Alternative to Wacom drivers for older tablets

Testing out a tablet before you buy

If you have the opportunity to examine the tablet before you decide to buy, here are some things: Inspecting a tablet.

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