Handedness of drawing tablets


You likely prefer to use a pen with your right hand or your left hand.

The good news is that drawing tablets are designed to work equally well for both cases. And sometimes, you don't even need to do anything at all - it will "just work"

Case 1: A tablet with NO buttons

A tablet with NO buttons is symmetric across its vertical axis - on on other words the left side and the right side have no difference. Out-of-the-box these tables work for left-handed or right-handed people

Case 2: A tablet with Buttons that are symmetric from left to right

If the buttons are symmetric from left-to-right - for example if the buttons are on top, then also this kind of tablet automatically works for left-handed and right-handed people.

Case 3: A tablet with buttons that are one one side

If a tablet has buttons on a side, it is almost alwasy the left side. This means a right-handed person can use the tablet easily. But a left handed person must rotate the tablet if they want to avoid accidentally hitting the buttons. Alternatively they could disable the buttons in the driver so that the buttons are inactive.

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