Smoothing with OpenTabletDriver


OpenTabletDriver lets you configure smoothing via plug-ins.

Installing the Slimy Scylla plug-in

Instructions for installing Slimy Scylla are here: Slimy Scylla

Position smoothing

There are several filters that involve smoothing the position of the pen.

  • Position Smoothing Moving Average

  • Position Smoothing Pulled String

  • Position Smoothing Exponential Moving Average

The one I recommend using is Position Smoothing Exponental Moving Average

Configuring Position Smoothing Exponential Moving Average

This is what the configuration looks like:

If you want to enable the filter, click Enable Smily Scylla ... at the top and click Apply.

Amount = how much smoothing (range 0.0 to 1.0). Try 0.1 to start with

Always Apply to Hover = to leave this unchecked.

Slimy Scylla documentation


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