Configure Windows Ink in the tablet driver

Global and Application specific configuration

You can configure driver's use Windows Ink:

  • For all applications

  • For specific applications

This allows you to have a baseline configuration and then modify the behavior for specific applications as needed.

In general for the tablet driver I recommend:

  • Enabling Windows Ink for all applications

  • Disabling Windows Ink for specific applications that need it.

Every driver has a different way of configuring it in their UI:

  • Wacom: Wacom Tablet Properties > Application

  • Huion: The drop-down with the gear icon at the top.

  • OpenTabletDriver: N/A - OTD does not support per-application Windows Ink configuration


  • Open the Wacom Tablet Properties app

  • Under Tool select your pen

  • If you have a pen tablet, go to the Mapping tab.

  • Or if you have a pen display, go to the Calibrate tab.

  • Set Use Windows Ink to turn on or off Windows Ink in the driver


  • Open the HuionTablet app

  • Navigate to Digital Pen

  • Under Press Key, set the Enable Windows Ink to turn on or off Windows Ink in the driver


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