Slimy Scylla


Slimy Scylla is created by tablet enthusiast Kuuube.

It is extremely powerful and configurable.

It features many amazing filters:

Installing Slimy Scylla

Launch the OpenTableDriver UI

Navigate to Plugins > Open Plugin Manager

The plugin manager will look like this

Click on Slimy Scylla in the list on the left.

Then click Install.

Close the plugin manager

In the OpenTabletDriver app, click on Filters

If Slimy Scylla is installed you will see many filters with names that start with "Slimy Scylla"

If you want to use a filter make sure to enable it and to press SAVE.

Position smoothing

There are several filters that involve smoothing the position of the pen.

  • Position Smoothing Moving Average

  • Position Smoothing Pulled String

  • Position Smoothing Exponential Moving Average

The one I recommend using is Position Smoothing Exponental Moving Average

Configuring Position Smoothing Exponential Moving Average

This is what the configuration looks like:

If you want to enable the filter, click Enable Smily Scylla ... at the top and click Apply.

Amount = how much smoothing (range 0.0 to 1.0). Try 0.1 to start with

Always Apply to Hover = to leave this unchecked.

Slimy Scylla docs here:

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