Drawing tablet brands


There are many tablet brands. And picking the brand of the tablet is one of the most important decisions you will need to make.

Tier 1: Wacom

Wacom continues to make the highest quality and most reliable tablets. In general, Wacom has tghe best drawing experience. Their products are the most expensive. I consider Wacom to be the "safe choice". More here: my notes on Wacom

Tier 2: Huion and XP-Pen

Huion and XP-pen since about 2021 have been releasing solid devices

  • And although they have a large lineup of products that can be a little confusing

  • In 2023 and 2024 Huion and XP have released models with upgraded tech that are challenging Wacom's professional line. These include:

    • Huion:Kamvas Pro 19, Kamvas Pro 27

    • XP-Pen: Deco Pro GEN2, Artist Pro GEN2

These brands trail Wacom in tech. Customer support is also trailing but improving.

Community is large so you can find help from others.

The have a large porfolio of tablets - too large actually.

Research your choice and you should find something that works well for you. Drawing experience good, typically you may find you need to perform more customization (pressure curves, etc.) to get the drawing experience that works for you. More here: My notes on Tier 2 drawing tablet brands

Tier 2: Xencelabs

Xencelabs (founded 2019) is a new brand focused only on professional tablets and have a very strong focus on customer support. more here: my notes on Xencelabs

Tier 3: Smaller brands

After Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, there are many other brands that focus on budget or consumer tablets. All these brands the same technology as the Tier 2 brands. In fact they are even owned by the same companies. But have smaller portfolios, less responsive customer support, and smaller communities.

Tier 4: Everyone else


Customer support

No brand's products are consistently perfect.

All brands will eventually ship a product that has defective units or that will have sporadic problems with their drivers, etc. So, at some point you will need help.

This is why you MUST choose a brand that:

  • Supports its customers well

  • Has enough other people using their tablets, so that you can get help from the community.

Online communities

Communities are where a people can learn and get help with drawing tablets. Depending on the brand there are different options. More here: Drawing tablet communities


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