To fully use all the features of your drawing tablet, you must to install drivers in your computer.

The importance of installing tablet drivers

Without tablet drivers you won't be able to:

  • Use tilt

  • Use pressure

  • Configure the buttons on the pen

  • Configure buttons on the tablet

  • Control which display the tablet is mapped to

  • Ensure that you have matching aspect ratios between your tablet and display so that you are drawing without distortion

  • Control the pressure curve of the pen - though you will still be able to control it in those applications that support it.

Driver downloads

Using a tablet without installing drivers

In some cases it is possible to use a tablet without drivers. More here: Using a tablet without installing drivers.

Driver compatibility with multiple tablets

A specific version of a tablet driver tends to be compatible with a range of tablets from a specific manufacturer.

For example Wacom's windows are compatible with wide range of their tablets.

Here is the compatibility list for version 6.4.4-3 of the Wacom drivers.


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