Recommended drawing tablets for beginners


These are highly-curated recommendations for people who are just beginning to get into drawing tablets.

  • All these tablets deliver the basic experiences and a reasonable price

  • Some of these tablets are missing so-called "pro" features.

Below you'll find my beginner-friendly recommendations for:

  • pen tablets (no screen)

  • pen displays (have a screen)

  • and standalone tablets.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read Beginner's guide to drawing tablets.

If you want to see the full set recommendations go here: Drawing tablet recommendations

Pen tablets

These are tablets WITHOUT a screen that need to be connected to a computer (some support wireless) to work.

If I had to pick one item on this list, I would recommend the Wacom CTL-672 for true beginners. It's reliable and has a decent drawing experience.

More info: Comparison of Wacom pen tablets

  • One by Wacom Medium (CTL-672) [no tilt, no wireless] (my notes)

  • Wacom Intuos Medium (CTL-6100) [no tilt, no wireless]

  • Wacom Intuos Medium (CTL-6100WL) [no tilt]

  • XP-Pen Deco M [no wireless]

  • XP-Pen Deco MW

  • XP-Pen Deco L (IT1060) [no wireless]

  • XP-Pen Deco LW (IT1060B) (my notes)

  • If you want better pressure handling:

    • XP-Pen Deco Pro LW GEN2 (MT1172B)

Pen displays

These are tablets WITH A SCREEN that need to be connected to a computer. No pen displays are wireless. I don't enjoy drawing an 13" pen display. Instead, I prefer 16" and above. But 13" is a good way to get introduced to pen displays. More info: 7P notes on 13" pen displays

  • Huion Kamvas 13 (GS1331) (my notes)

  • XP-Pen Artist 12 GEN2 (CD120FH)

  • XP-Pen Artist 13 GEN2 (CD130FH) (my notes)

  • If you want a larger size and better pressure handling

    • XP-Pen Artist Pro 14 GEN2 (MD140FH)

    • XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 GEN2 (MD160QH) (my notes)

Standalone tablets

These are tablets that don't need to be connect to a computer.

More info: 7P notes: Apple iPad versus Samsung Galaxy Tab S

  • Apple iPad - Any Apple iPad that works with the Apple Pencil 2 (My notes)

    • NOTE: You will have the buy the Apple Pencil 2 separately. It does NOT come with the iPad.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE (My notes )

    • NOTE: The Samsung S Pen COMES WITH the tablet.

    • If you are one a smaller budget, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite (2022 edition) (My notes) - a little bit sluggish but the price is great. The Samsun S pen also comes with this tablet.

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