Using HDMI adapters with pen displays

Before you begin

You may want to familiarize yourself with this doc before you continue if you are not experienced connection options: Connecting a pen display to a computer


Sometimes the tablet needs to be connected to your computer through HDMI. This means that there's a cable coming from your tablet that has a “male” HDMI plug. And of course you then need a “female” HDMI receptacle.

“Plug” and “receptable” are the official terms, by the way 😊

However it is possible you can use another port.

Order of preference of ports for adapters

Not all ports are equally good for connecting to HDMI. Some you should try first because they will give you a better experience.

If you don't have an HDMI port you should try alternative ports in the order below.

  • DisplayPort

  • USB-C (remember not all USB-C ports support sending a display signal).

  • DVI

  • VGA

DisplayPort to HDMI adapters

These will be MALE DisplayPort to FEMALE HDMI.

Quality: There is no loss in quality when using this kind of adapter.

What I use

USB-C to HDMI adapters

Not all USB-C ports carry a display signal. You need one that can. Read more here: USB-C DisplayPort alt mode

Quality. There is no loss in quality using this kind of adapter.

What I use

I've had good luck with the "Amazon Basics Premium Aluminum USB-C to HDMI Cable Adapter (Thunderbolt 3 Compatible) 4K@60Hz, 6-Foot, Black". Note that is an entire cable, not just an adapter. link:

This comes in different lengths (6ft and 3ft) and different refresh rates (60Hz and 30Hz). Make sure you buy one long enough for your needs and get the 60Hz version.

DVI to HDMI adapters

These will be MALE DVI to FEMALE HDMI.

I don't have any direct experience with DVI to HDMI, but some people seem to have had success.

Note that there are multiple DCI port shapes


Reddit threads:

Other resources: -

VGA to HDMI adapters

VGA is a very old display technology. You should use it as a last resort.

Quality: Because VGA is analog and must be converted to a digital signal for HDMI, it is possible you might see some degradation in quality.

reddit threads:

Check your requirements

You need to make sure your adapter supports the resolution and refresh rate that you want from you pen display.

General flakiness

Generally these adapters "just work". But sometimes there are odd quirks on some computers and they just don't work or not work correctly.

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