Mirroring or extending your desktop to a pen display


In terms of what you see on it, your pen display is just another monitor/display to your computer. So, you can control how the computer shows its desktop to the pen display.

You have two options:

  • Extend the desktop - this means you can see different things on the pen display from your monitor. This is what I recommend you use.

  • Duplicate the desktop (aka "Mirror ther desktop") - This means your pen display and monitor will try to show the same exact thing. Sometimes this is very useful but generally I think Extend is better choice for most people and situations.

Steps to control extend vs duplicate

The steps depend on which operating system you are using.

Windows 11

  • Open Display Settings

  • The displays your computer is connected to will be shown and each one is numbered. The one in blue is the display currently selected.

    • If a display has two numbers, that means the desktop is being duplicated across those displays

  • NOTE: If you only see one display then the these settings do not apply.

  • Select the display that corresponds to your tablet

  • Towards the button right (to the right of the Identify button) you will see a dropdown setting that controls how the desktop is being applied to this display. Depending on how the display is already configured, the dropdown will say either

    • Extend desktop to this display

    • Duplicate desktop on X and Y

      • X and Y will be the numbers referring to the displays

  • Switch the dropdown between the Extend or Duplicate option as needed.

Mac OS (Monterey)

  • Go to Displays > Display Settings

  • Select your monitor, then set Use As to Primary Display

  • Then select your drawing tablet's display and set Use As to Mirror.

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