Troubleshoot computer does not detect display


  • To use your pen display, your computer must be able to detect the display panel inside it.

  • Most of the time, when you plug in your tablet to your computer this will work automatically.

  • Unfortunately, sometimes your computer can sometimes have difficulty.

Basic things to try or investigate

  • Restart the computer - sometimes that can trigger the detection.

  • Check the ports to make sure the cables are plugged in all the way

  • Check the ports to ensure that there isn't some lint or other material preventing a secure connection.

  • Use a different port. Suppose you are using an HDMI port, there may be multiple HDMI ports on your computer. Try the other ones.

  • Use a different port type. For example, if you are using HDMI, try DisplayPort instead.

  • See if the display can be detected by another computer or even any device that can send a display signal such as a DVD player or an XBOX.

Windows > built-in display detection

In Display Settings, there is an option to detect a display. Try it.

Using NVIDIA Rigorous Display Detection

If your computer is not even detecting the existence of the display, and it has an NVIDIA GPU, the NVIDIA Control Panel have a feature called Rigorous Display Detection which help.

  • Open the NVIDIA Control Panel

  • Navigate to Display > Set up multiple displays > Select the displays you want to use

  • Click on My display is not shown

  • This will launch the Detect Missing Display dialog

  • Click Rigorous Display Detection

Use Intel Graphics Command Center to detect your display

If your computer is a laptop or similar device that has an embedded Intel GPU, on Windows you can use the Intel Graphics Commend Center app to potentially detect additional displays.

You can download the Intel Graphics Comment Center from the Microsoft Store.

Firmware updates

Check with your manufacturer if there are any firmwaye updates.

If all else fails

Contact support

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