Color tint on edges of display


Some pen displays exhibit a color tint at the edges of the display. Often it is a purple or lilac color. Some devices exhibit it as a yellowish or orange color. Is NOT pixelated or rough - has very smooth look.


The tint is greatly exaggerated in these diagrams. In reality in can be very subtle.

Keep in mind the topic being discussed here is when the tint as at the edges, not when the tint is evenly distributed over the entire display.


When it appears

This effect can be visible the first time you use your pen display, or it can can show up after you've been using the pen display for a long time.

Compared to backlight bleed

Unlike backlight bleed, the tint is often visible even on a very bright or pure white background


Based on what I have read the cause due to an issue with laminated displays (see: lamination). Laminated displays have a layer of optically clear adhesive (OCA) between the glass and the display. Apparently, pressure at the edges of the display causes this effect in the OCA layer.

How often it occurs

Overall it is uncommon. It is present in NONE of the display devices I have that are laminated.

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