7P notes: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Samsung Galaxy Tabs S series of tablets with the and the Samsung S Pen can play the role of drawing tablets very well and are a compelling alternative to Apple iPads.

The tablets I own:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra <- RECOMMENDED.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE <- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Great value at reasonable cost.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LITE (2022 edition) <- RECOMMENDED as great budget choice for esp. for beginners


The Samsung Galaxy Tab series has many models that span a wide range of sizes.

Size has a huge impact on how the tablet feels to use especially with the 16X9 aspect ratio of these tablets. So put careful thought into picking the appropriate size for you.

  • The size of the S9 FE is compact which makes it portable but big enough for me to draw on the couch and in bed and when I am travelling.

  • The S8 Ultra is very big. This works great when using it like a laptop, but it's size with its 16x9 aspect ratio can a bit just too much to deal with when holding close to drawing.

Pointer lag

RATING: Very good

All three exhibit very low pointer lag. A bit more than the apply pencil, but less than even high end pen displays such as a Wacom Cintiq Pro.


The Galaxy Tab models come with an Samsung S Pen but they are also compatible with a few other pens. In particular the Wacom One GEN1 pen (CP-913). Here are my notes: 7P notes: Samsung S Pen.

Using the Wacom One GEN1 Pen CP-913

The Wacom CP-913 pen provides an better experience with this device. When I draw with a Samsung S series tablet I usually use the CP-913 that came with my Wacom One (DTC-133).

System lag

  • The S8 and S9 are incredibly responsive and I don't notice much lag. They seemed as responsive as an iPad.

  • The S6 LITE is a little laggy when scrolling and using apps, but for basic line art with the Infinite Painter app I felt it was responsive.


As for software here are the apps I use with it. Stars indicate the my favorite apps.

  • Clip Studio Paint ⭐

  • Infinite Painter (works similar to Procreate on iPads) ⭐

  • Krita

  • IbisPaint X

A common question from people considering the Samsung Galaxy tab series is whether the procreate app works on these tablets. The answer is no. Procreate only works on iPads.

More here: Applications

Versus the Apple iPad

You might be interested in the Tab S series as an alternative the Apple iPad. If so, go here: 7P notes: Apple iPad versus Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Using the tablet as an external monitor via USB-C

This means sending a display signal from a computer to this tablet.

This tablet has no built in way to act as a monitor for your PC via USB-C.

Some people report that they can use software called SuperDisplay to make this happen, but I have not tried it.

Using an external monitor via USB

This means sending a display signal from the tablet to an external monitor.

This is not supported and does not work.

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