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Huion PEN80

The Huion PEN80 is a VERY OLD Huion pen. It use a an Active EMR pen - meaning it uses a rechargeable battery for power instead of getting power from the tablet. Again, it is very old and the newer Huion Pens like the PW517 (and other models) are true EMR pens.

I've mentioned the Huion PEN80 my 2022 EMR video as an example of one older method in which pressure information is transmitted from the pen to the tablet. c

  • The nib fits into the hollow ferrite rod.

  • There is enough pressure in the ferrite rod such that the nib does not fall out.

  • The nib does not go all the way through the ferrite rod. There's about 2mm left inside the ferrite rod

  • The spring touches the ferrite rod.

  • The plastic piece fit into the the spring.

  • The wires from the inductor coil to the circuit board have been cut to make it easier to present

  • The wires from the circuit board to the rechargeable battery have been cut to make it easier to present.

  • Panda Tech: Huion Pen80 Disassemble & Reassemble (

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