Using a drawing tablet with a Chromebook


Pen tablets and pen displays can be used with Chromebooks. But be aware of the limitations.


\You MUST verify compatibility with your tablet manufacturer. Not all tablets work with Chromebooks. Only some do. I suggest you also seek out the opinion of other users of your tablet model and see what their experience has been with Chromebooks.


Tablets work with the built-in drivers in the Chromebooks not the manufacturer drivers. This means that some features of your tablet and pen may not work with a Chromebook.

Pen tablets & mismatched aspect ratios

With pen tablets you will not be force the active area to match the display of the Chromebook. This means there will be a distortion to your drawing. More here: Matching aspect ratios.


Even without a drawing tablet attached, SOME Chromebooks work with a stylus on their screen.

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