Disable Tablet PC features on Windows 7 using the FixMyPen tool

The Fix My Pen tool solves annoying Tablet PC when using a Graphics tablet with Windows 7.


  • The FixMyPen tool should no longer be needed thanks to updates to how drivers work with Windows. For years now the solution is to disable Windows Ink.

What Tablet PC features does it disable?

  • Dynamic Feedback “Rings”

  • Pen Flicks

  • Press-and-hold delay

  • Tablet PC input panel

Which versions of Windows 7 does it work with?

  • Windows 7 Enterprise

  • Ultimate

  • Home Premium.


  • Click Make everything good. Then the program will look like this.

  • Close the program.

  • Log-out and log back in to Windows .

  • Now you can use your Wacom pen without all the Tablet PC nonsense.

Verify that it works

The Flicks icon will no longer be visible in the Notification Area

The Flicks tab in the Pen and Touch control panel will look like this

The Tablet PC Input panel will no longer be visible on the Desktop

The Tablet PC icon will no longer show up next to text input boxes

The Tablet PC Input panel options in Control Panel will have several items disabled and grayed-out:

The Press and Hold value in the control panel will be disabled.

Dynamic Feedback rings will be disabled and you will no longer see them when clicking.

Source Code

It’s all up here: https://github.com/saveenr/Fix_My_Pen/

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