If you are looking for iPad stands go here: iPad stands

There are several options for stands.

Unattached stands

Here's a good example for Parblo

I've never used this specific stand, but it illustrated the key features you need:

  • It is height adjustable

  • It had a "lip" at the bottom to help secure the tablet

  • The tablet is not attached to the stand

These stands are simple and inexpensive, but beware that since the tablet is not secured to the stand, it can be easy to knock the tablet of the stand.

VESA-attached stands

These stands attach to the tablet via screws. These are much more secure than the unattached stands.

Because they are VESA compatible, they work with any drawing tablet that is VESA mountable. For example, I use the Huion ST100A with my Wacom Cintiq Pro 27.

Some people have had success with the Ergotron Neo-Flex Stand. See this reddit thread:

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