Measuring hover height


To more accurately assess hover height, I 3D printed this small tool.

Essentially it is a staircase with each step 0.5mm taller than the previous.

Each step is 0.5mm in height.

Each step is a 5mmx5mm square.

At every 1.0mm increment the step is labelled.

I used a digital caliper to measure the thickness of the steps and found it is relatively accurate within +/- 0.1 for each step.

Printing details

  • Printer: Bambu X1C

  • Nozzle: Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 0.4 nozzle

  • Filament: Bambu Basic PLA

  • Layer height: 0.2mm

  • Initial layer height: 0.2mm

  • Plate: Textured PEI Plate


Because the layer height is 0.2mm:

  • The whole number steps are very accurate

  • The intermediate steps such as 1.5mm, 2.5mm are slightly thicker than they should be.

I measured the steps with a digital caliper and had these results:

  • 1.0mm step = 1.04mm

  • 1.5mm step -> 1.63mm

  • 2.0mm step -> 2.04mm

  • 2.5mm step -> 2.63mm

  • 5.0mm step -> 5.04mm

  • 5.5mm step -> 5.65mm

  • 10.0mm step -> 10.04mm

  • 10.5mm step -> 10.64mm

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