7P notes: Huion Inspiroy Giano (G930L)


Introduced in 2022, the Giano G930L is a fantastic value. It's quite nice for drawing and I enjoy the extra size.

Compared to Wacom

Its competitor is the Wacom Intuos Pro Large (PTH-860), and the Giano has some interesting differences:

  • The Giano G930L costs about $200 where the Wacom Intuos Pro Large (PTH-860) costs about $500

  • The Giano's active area is slightly larger than the Wacom Intuos Pro


Comes with the Huion PW517 pen.

Surface texture

The tablet has a textured surface. Amount of texture comparable to the Wacom Intuos Pro.


One minor nit: By default, the tablet when connected will still go to sleep apparently to conserve its battery. This isn't a problem because you go into the driver and turn off this sleep behavior.

OLED auxiliary display

There's a monochromatic OLED auxiliary display on the upper left of the tablet. This is a nice feature that lets you see the battery level easily.

Working with a large tablet

Large tablets require some adjustment to work with. More here: Using large pen tablets

Pressure instability

Some pressure pulsing visible at lower pressure. Will mostly be be visible with strokes using large brushes.

Diagonal wobble

Rating: VERY GOOD. low amounts of wobble.

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