Pen grips


Some pens let you swap out the grip area of the pen to customize the feeling of the pen.

Wacom Pro Pen 3

This pen comes with several different grips or can be used without a grip.

Hagurumado woodcrafts

Hagurumado woodcrafts ( offers wooden grips for select models of Wacom pens.

I have this model ( shown below which I use with a KP-504E pen. It was easy to swap out the original grip. The wood adds some "warmth" to the touch and just looks very elegant.

Model: "Wooden Grip for Wacom Pro Pen 2 (KP-504E) [Thick Bodied with Button hole]"

Make your own grip

Some people make their own grips using

Here's an example of someone using yarn to make a grip. (from this reddit thread)

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