Anti-glare film

To prevent glare, some films use an anti-glare film. Sometimes this is just referred to as a "Matte film".

The anti-glare effect is achieved by dispersing the light that is hitting the surface of the tablet. It also disperses the light from the display panel underneath and can create an effect called anti-glare sparkle.

Removing the film

Some tablets support removing the AG film and even sell replacement films. You you want to remove or replace the film go here: Removing and replacing the surface film on a pen display

Using a tablet without an a film

I did this with a Huion Kamvas 13


  • no anti-glare sparkle

  • brighter and more vibrant colors


  • more risk of scratching glass - though it has not happened yet with my Kamvas 13

  • Glare from lights shows up strongly on the glass

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