Using monitor arms with a pen display


This comes down to whether your pen display is VESA mountable.

  • If your pen display is VESA mountable, you can use a VESA compatible monitor arm.

  • If your pen display is not VESA mountable, there are some options

Pen displays without VESA support

Smaller pen displays are about the size of a laptop, so you can try an arm designed to hold a laptop.

Here's some creative DIY solutions:

Wacom-specific options

Wacom Flex arm

Wacom has designed an arm for their Cintiq line called the Wacom Flex arm that is specifically designed for their product.


Wacom VESA mount

If you already have a arm you can use the Wacom VESA Mount for Cintiq 24 & 32 with it.

Monitor arm options

These are various options people have reported using.


All monitor arms have some amount of wobble. Some have more and some have less. But NONE of them feel "rock solid"

One thing that will help reduce the wobble is if the bottom of the pen display rests on something like your desk.

If you want to have ZERO wobble you need to use a stand with your pen display.

Monitor arms I use

  • Ergotron HX

    • with Wacom Cintiq Pro 27

    • with Huion Kamvas 24 Pro 4K

    • Note: The Ergotron HX has less wobble than the Ergotron LX, but still has some wobble.

  • Ergotron LX

    • with Huion Kamvas 22 Plus


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