Disable pen pressure


Pen pressure information is always sent from the tablet to the tablet driver and from there to the operating system and then to pen-aware applications.

Sometimes when drawing it can be useful to turn off pressure. There are several options

OPTION 1 Use Brush settings to disable using pressure

Drawing apps that use brushes may let you control how pressure affects the brush. So, you can configure specific brushes to ignore pressure. Examples of applications that support this are Clip Studio Paint and Krita.

OPTION 2 Use a flat pressure curve

In some applications you can completely flatten the pressure curve. This allows you to have the pressure report. This means the pressure is constant and will not result in the brush changing due to pressure.

OPTION 3 Turn off pressure in the driver

SOME tablet drivers let you simply turn off pressure so that it isn't reported to your operating system or applications.

XP-Pen drivers have this feature.

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