7P notes: XP-Pen Artist Pro 16 GEN2 (MD160QH)


In summary this is a very nice tablet. Wacom Cintiq Pro models are still better (and cost MUCH more) but this tablet is good overall and I have enjoyed using it.



I like the overall design. Looks and feels very premium.

One minor nit. The USB-C cable connects at the top edge this means you see the cable connect. This is normal for pen displays these days. But it does make the device a little less elegant.

XP-Pen logo on bottom of tablet.


The tablet comes with the the new XP-Pen X3 Pro Pen. It is incredibly similar in shape to the Wacom Pro Pen 2. The pen handles pressure very well and has an eraser. Many more details here: XP-Pen X3 Pro pen


Resolution - Native resolution is 2560x1600. Excellent resolution. Big improvement over an HD screen.

Refresh rate - TYPICAL. 60Hz. Normal for pen displays.

Anti-glare sparkle - GOOD. Low amount of AG sparkle. more here: Anti-glare sparkle.

Sharpness - GOOD. The AG treatment does not add any blurriness.

Parallax - GOOD. Little parallax.

Aspect Ratio - 16:10. So it is a little more squarish than the much more common 16:9 aspect ratio. After using it for a few days, I actually like the 16:10 aspect ratio.

Connections and cabling

Single USB-C cable connection?

YES. I tried the cable that it came with and a Thunderbolt 3 cable. It worked in both cases. More here: Connecting a pen display with one USB-C cable


Pointer lag - TYPICAL. Slightly better than normal for a pen display.

Line steadiness - OK. The line have a little bit of unsteadiness when moving slow. I can mitigate that in Clip Studio paint by turning on the Stabilization > Adjust by Speed option and setting it to stabilize when drawing slowly.

Corner accuracy VERY GOOD. Compared to other tablets has very minor inaccuracy at edges and corners.

Diagonal wobble

RATING: OK. very slightly increase in wobble is slow strokes. Totally acceptable. A little brush smoothing eliminates it.


Legs. YES - It has two foldable legs on the back allow it to be propped up at an angle. However, I just use a spare HUION stand for a better angle.

Express Keys

NONE. The tablet does come with a remote with programmable keys.

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